Dear AALU Member & Esteemed Alumni of Lincoln University,

It gives me pleasure to welcome you to our website. This site endeavors to assist you in being an informed and integral part of our association in our mission to support Lincoln University financially as well as increase the fellowship among the alumni of our Nation’s Oldest Degree-Granting Historically Black College and Universities. The AALU was started in 1872 and the fact that we are still here is evidence of our need, utility and resilience.

This site belongs to you-our members, alumni and supporters. We invite you to navigate it freely and respond back promptly with your insights and suggestions to improve upon this model that we might better serve you and Dear Lincoln. We need you to know that this site embodies the desire on the part of your new leadership, to encourage an open and unfettered exchange of ideas, viewpoints, perspectives and suggestions, that we might get the best from what we believe to be one of the globe’s most talented and remarkable groups-the alumni of Lincoln University.

We are excited at our prospects to serve our alma mater in a more substantive way and manner than was ever possible. If you are not a member or if you have not renewed your membership then I implore you to go to our membership page and pay your dues NOW!!! In the meantime I look forward to meeting you on campus or at a chapter, or national meeting and I encourage you to write to me directly with any questions, concerns, observations, suggestions or issues. May God continue to bless you and the AALU.

In service,

Darrell Braxton