Lions 10 For $10 Giving Challenge




Have you accepted the Lions 10 for $10 Challenge?

Lions are you ready to join the movement? The Lion 10 for $10 Challenge is simple. YOU make a minimum $10 donation THEN challenge TEN other people to make a donation.  Issue your challenge TODAY!  Every gift counts and will make a difference regardless of the size.

Here is how you can participate:

1. Select of Donation Amount
2. Click the “Donate Now” Button
3. Hold up a sign that says Lions 10 for 10 and take a picture or post your receipt (optional)
4. Post to Facebook or email it to (Submitted photos will be featured on our website and social media platforms.)


The AALU needs your participation.  We want to show the World how much the Lincoln Alumni loves LU while raising money for our beloved institution.


Donation Amount


Disclaimer: EVERY PENNY collected from the Lions 10 for $10 Challenge will be donated directly back to Lincoln University and used for Lincoln Student Scholarships or Book Scholarships.  NONE of the money collected from the Lions 10 for $10 Challenge will be used for operating expenses of the AALU.

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