alumni association position

The Alumni Association of Lincoln University is seeking to fill the position of


The duties of the Executive Secretary position include:

  • To keep an accurate record and minutes of all meetings held by the Association, and will be responsible for distributing the previous Association meeting minutes at the next meeting.
  • To receive and send correspondence for the Association, maintain an up-to –date and appropriate file of all such correspondence, and notify the membership of meetings of the Association.
  • To have charge of the central office of the Association and management of the office under the direction of the council
  • To serve as the secretary for the Council, Annual Meeting and the Executive Committee.
  • To keep an accurate membership directory
  • To keep a necrology list of members and present a report to the Annual Meeting.
  • To submit a report at the Executive, Council, and the Annual Meetings of the Association for the current year.
  • To keep an accurate record of all funds received and disbursed by the Association
  • To work closely with the Treasurer and other secretaries to carry forth the functions of this office.


The Executive Secretary shall be an alumnus/na of Lincoln University and shall be a non-voting employee of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University who serves under the direction of its Alumni Council. The Individual selected for the Executive Secretary shall be employed by the Executive Committee and certified by the Council on an annual contract. A stipend of $1,200 per year shall be paid for services as identified above.  

The Executive Secretary shall be remunerated for his/her services, authorized travel and pre-approved expenditures to the Association with the submission of proper invoices and receipts in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. 

 If interested, please submit your CV and statement of interest to: